Dating someone with same name as parent

If you've ever had the weird, magical, confusing experience of dating someone with the same name, you will know that there's lots to love about. But still, the notion of having sex and possibly falling in love with someone else who has the exact same name can be objectionable, for obvious. For those women worried about dating someone just like their father, Dr Wright says that being attracted to someone fatherly isn't a bad thing.

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I have a really generic name, so I'm wondering people's thoughts on dating someone of the same sex who has the same name as them. Tons of people have awesome nicknames, and it sounds like you'll want one. It's seriously the relationship I've wanted for so long. " is sufficient, or whether I need to say "Hi [Name]! However, I think the relationship could work if other things clicked and no one would forget your SO's name, which would be nice. The photographer who used to collaborate with us is Javier.I'm not generally opposed, since it's so common, but it might be a little weird. I happen to know a straight couple named Adrian and Adrienne and having the same name doesn't seem to effect their relationship. The new photographer (husband of the administration guy) is Javier. There's a Javier in the bar where we eat, sometimes.I agree - not the greatest hurdle and the perfect opportunity to find an awesome nickname for each other. I am dating someone with the same name, though we go by different variations of it.

Neighbors are a gay couple with the same name, and use the same nickname of that name. Only problem is that I can never figure out whether one "Hi [Name]! I think dating someone with the same name would be a little weird, especially when calling out their name in bed. -- Yeah, but Xyz is the one who knows that) and a running joke between us that's still going on, either "Xyz is always right" or "It's always Xyz's fault" depending on circumstances. In the office where I work, my boss' name is Javier. Talking about what a stupid name it is around each other. " I love to respond "you just asked me." It's so much fun. I changed my name from a very common one to a very uncommon one. Great for messing with other people's minds (Oh, you'll need to ask Xyz -- aren't you Xyz? Or when someone says "fabulousgael, what do you want? So, he would have ended up with the same first and last name as me. We didn't continue dating, for unrelated reasons. I've done it, and we're still good friends. Whenever one of us is explicitly called, we both think it's hilarious for the other to answer. He mentioned that because he had a poor relationship with his family, when he found a husband he'd want to take the husband's last name. It wouldn't even occur to me to consider not dating someone because of their having my name.

The key is to find someone who has a sense of humor about it. I once had a date with a guy who had the same first name as me. If I could meet and fall in love with a good man and the biggest problem we had was that other people would get confused about our names, I'd dance for joy. I think I would work to establish fun and agreeable nicknames, but still use our real names when the intent isn't ambiguous. My name is less common, but I occasionally saw someone's Grindr or Hornet profile with the same name as me.