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Hi Everyone. This group is a place where Christian singles can get to know other Christians on the Gold Coast for friendships, dates, social get togethers etc. It is also a closed group so people not. Brisbane Christian Dating. Meet fun Brisbane Christian Singles. Free 10 day trial. Check out some of the Brisbane Christian singles that have dating profiles on You can connect with them by starting your free trial membership. Christian speed dating brisbane Pre-Dating speed dating i would like minded singles uk flair in brisbane and wisely, cool speed dating brisbane speed dating program aims to marry. More dates than any other christian dating host by starting your values! Featured on christiancafe.

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Remember when you had a gang of friends your age, all in the same stage of life? But suddenly, less people to share that freedom with… **This group is mainly aimed at young Christian singles aged around 28-45** who are still soaking up the single life of freedom while we can. And if not, well then Oops, we've totally enjoyed life's journey anyway.You’d see movies, do outdoor activities and just generally do life together? - married now…- kids happened…- kids sport, home life, work…- moved away…And you/me? Less people free to see that movie with you, do outdoor activities, ring/chat with or simply to hang out and do sweet nothing. (IMPORTANT: If you are thinking about applying, please keep within or close to this age group, because it plays a role in planning age-appropriate activities, and the age group is also a central part to the purpose and reason this group exists.)I think it is important not to mope about being single. We are so blessed to have this time of Freedom and Peace n Quiet!Friends that were always there when you needed to chat, to hang out with, to ring…What happened? Having said that though, this is certainly NOT a “meet and marry” group.

And who knows, we might very well stumble upon somebody special.Anyone perceived to have that sort of focus, will politely be asked to leave – there are very many dating sites for that.This is simply new friends in the same shoes of life, doing the work-eat-sleep cycle, keen to add “social life” into the mix. Lastly, this is a group that values YOUR IDEAS for activities. https:// 😀 Please buy your ticket before RSVPing https://au/?Please feel free to suggest something you enjoy, to the whole group or myself. gclid=EAIa IQob Ch MI7ae I54v05w IVxg0r Ch3Gt AP9EAAYASAAEg J9C_D_Bw E Come along and here the latest concepts about Intelligent design and Creation-based scientific discoveries. CMI IS GOOD :-) Often the speaker can stay following the service and would be delighted to chat with you.

You never know how many people may want to go with you/us. I look forward to meeting you and having great weekends together! :-D Ever catch yourself staring at a kid’s bouncy castle and wishing you were still allowed on one, without the worry of deflating the whole thing? There’s good news for all you kidults though, the world’s largest inflatable theme park is coming to Australia and your dreams will finally come true. Public Meeting: A great outreach opportunity where the big picture of the Gospel is often woven into the presentation. About Dr Don Batten: Don is a scientist and an international speaker for CMI–Australia, as well as being a writer and co-editor of the world–renowned Creation magazine and Journal of Creation.Think a 300-plus metre bouncy theme park with 50 different obstacles to bounce over PLUS a space wonderland and the biggest bouncy castle in the world (Guinness World Records approved). The talk from the accredited CMI speaker includes illustrated Power Point presentations and is often followed by a general question and answer time. He has co-authored some of the most popular creation books of all time including The Creation Answers Book and 15 Reasons to Take Genesis as History.You won’t even have to worry about accidentally stomping on anyone because there's going to be adults only sessions. Dr Batten is a respected specialist in tropical fruit research (plant biology).