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Are Gavin And Meg Still Dating Dad because these girls know exactly what they want andthey want it Are Gavin And Meg Still Dating Dad now. The best part is you don’t have toask for girl's phone numbers anymore, with our revolutionary app, girls have their Personal Life Is Gavin Free Married? He began dating Meg Turney who is a vlogger, model,cosplayer and internet personality in 2013 and the two lovebirds are still together, andthey reside at their home in Texas. Gavin Free With His Partner And Girlfriend Meg Gavin David Free born is an English actor, director, cinematographer,and internet is best known for his work at Rooster Teeth—where he formerlyserved as creative director—featuring in many of their projects, including the

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The goal should be to become happy and content with just yourself and who you are.A romantic relationship should never be a goal, it should be something that happens naturally and unexpectedly.A “single, lonely and disturbed” man, armed with a handgun, drove 11 hours to the home of You Tube celebrity couple Gavin Free and Meg Turney in Austin, Texas — evidently intending to kill Free, according to a police report. 26, when a man broke into Free and Turney’s home and fired at least one gunshot, according to a search warrant from the Albuquerque police that was obtained by the Albuquerque Journal.

Detectives in Albuquerque were investigating the suspect, Christopher Giles, who lived there.Gavin Free is the creator of the Slow Mo Guys channel on You Tube along with Daniel Gruchy; the duo created a You Tube ad-supported original series that launched last month.Turney is a former Rooster Teeth host and cosplayer, while Free continues to be a regular member of the Rooster Teeth crew (having appeared in both “Lazer Team” movies and other projects). 26, Free and Turney called 911, hiding in a closet while the intruder searched the home.Police arrived 10 minutes later, according to the police report.

Giles was pronounced dead at the scene, with an initial report from the medical examiner indicated he died of a self-inflicted gunshot.Giles apparently had developed an obsession with Turney and had notes on his phone that included one that said “I want Gavin Free to die alone, with no children,” per the search warrant, which was filed last week with a New Mexico state court.“Based on the [security camera] footage seen it was apparent that Giles’ sole intent was to cause harm to someone who resides there,” police said in the search warrant.